Wednesday, January 4, 2012

look for a moment i was trapped ... i reached around for my god and .... was left .. wanting ? .. ....i was so young and left abandoned   ....  time heals god doesn't regrow 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

prelude to flight

We're gearing up the wheels are into motion, gathering objects, studying the plans and a great deal of good advice, too often ignored, we are reaching launch status.

Well there is the plan BOOKS just when the world moves in the opposite direction.  Its more collectables , small editions and digital Faberge´.

Just gotta drag the untidy mind out of chaos for a short time to assemble the life for a bit more .....

Saturday, May 1, 2010

zelda and prankster

zelda the wonderhorse and one of the raindears. ... made for circus solarus , zelda was the only horse I made without a chin ... and the reindeers were so cute

Friday, April 30, 2010

sixth sense

Albert, my pet fish ( see inset) passed away into another world for some time now ... I remember him with fondness as he was instrumental in my surviving the basket, without him I would have been a case, a basketcase in every sense. In the end the flying lessons were too much for him and he barely exceeded his teens.

Albert gave me a lead, a compass direction, a pointer, serious signage, a billboard of desire to seek the sixth sense. Really, it was an interest in beyond the spiritual that led our ship close to the shores of the Islands of the Sixth Sense.

I found the islands of the sixth sense in a difficult region of my universe ... No-one seemed to be able to help much and I could not find a soul to say with any certainty what the sixth sense was ! -- Quintisimal arguments still prevailed and were engaged in a raging debate which seemed far from over -- 'spiritus conjunctious' .

Still all difficulties set aside we needed to address the sixth sense ... & if it weren't for the 'Glimpses" and their desperate journeys into the Land of the Unknowing , would we have even had a direction upon which we could focus our research ... as it stands now and the islands are before us maybe ... maybe being in this world will give us more insight!

Another journey to begin!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

untidy mind

This will be where I DRIBBLE

Warning!! it will like the rantings of an aging clown ... this space is not about set ideas but propositions, possibilities, promises, penumbra and general alliterations to laugh at. Just as when I was a clown not all of my dribble was funny , often it will be strange , I make no apology! this is not my native planet!

When I dribble here there will be wet spots and dry liquors

boG the magnificent (LOOK! Magnify is there poking at the devils details)

""when i attend the world my soul is in anguish
when I attend my soul my world collapses""